8 - 11 June 2021

12:30pm – 1:30pm AEST each day
Plus some bonus evening sessions with international guests!

Australian Children's Activities Week 2020

 Getting Business Done in 2021/2022

Just an hour a day to Refresh and Re-Energise for the next financial year. Engage with industry leaders, international speakers and local experts on topics that matter to you in the children’s activities industry.


This inaugural Symposium is for Australian Children’s Activities Providers who are ready to take stock of that unprecedented 2020 and be revitalised for a highly successful 2021/2022.

Symposium topics include low cost ways to market to Australian mums; how to reduce your admin word by 20 hours a week; how participation in early childhood activities leads to school readiness; how to approach schools and childcares with confidence; how you can grow your business across Australian and internationally; how to handle your own PR and more!

Please note: 

  • All presentations will be live and delivered via the Zoom platform
  • After each speaker there will be a panel discussion to discuss the topic further, and
  • Opportunities to network and liaise with the speaker. 

Tuesday 12:30pm – 1:30pm AEST

Speaker: Katrina McCarter, Marketing to Mums

Katrina McCarter

Katrina McCarter, a world-leader on marketing to Mums, the primary customer of children’s activities businesses. Some of Katrina’s awards include:

  • ‘Take the Cake’ Best Speaker Award at the M2Moms – The Marketing to Moms Conference in New York, 2018.
  • Voted #1 for Content and Most Engaging Speaker at Mums Marketing Conference in both Melbourne and Sydney.

Topic: 5 low cost ways to grow your children’s activity business – Partnerships, Brand Story, StorySelling, Testimonials and Customer Experience

For more information on Katrina, check out:


Industry experts discuss with the Speaker their thoughts on the presentation. 

Danie O'Connor from Ready Steady Go Kids International

Kim O'Donnell, Gecko Sports

Jenny Wilkinson

Jenny Wilkinson, Hey De Ho Educational Services

Tuesday 7.30pm – 8.30pm AEST

Speaker: Mitch Zeltzer, The Party Business Guy, Canada; with Adam Barrett, Party Pro Manager, England

Mitch Zeltzer

Mitch Zeltzer has over 20 years of experience in the kids’ entertainment and edutainment industry. For over 16 years, he ran his own successful business that ran over 3000 events per year. He managed a team of over 75 staff across three locations and a team of 10 full time admin staff. He is the author of the industry top-selling eBook ‘Marketing O-A-Budget for Kids Entertainers’ and also does professional speaking and training for kids entertainers. Since selling his business, he has been the passionate creator and leader of the Party Business Think Tank, a free Facebook group where over 2300 party business owners connect regularly to help each other grow as business owners and individuals.

Topic: How to reduce your admin work by up to 20 hours per week – without hiring an assistant.

Ever wonder why it is that running your children’s entertainment business feels so much harder than it should? You’re pulled in a million different directions. It feels like the admin work just keeps piling up, yet you feel like you don’t even have enough gigs most of the time. Imagine what it would feel like to reduce your personal workload by up to 20 hours each week, yet still increase your number of gigs significantly…Now imagine all this being possible without even having to hire an assistant. During this session we’ll show you:

  • How to simplify your party business
  • How to reduce your admin workload by up to 20 hours without sacrificing quality customer service
  • How to develop systems so that your business runs smoothly and consistently
  • How to set your business up to be able to run without you

You’ll get real, practical tips on all of this and walk away with an action plan of what to do first to set it all in motion.

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and Adam:


Wednesday 12:30pm – 1:30pm AEST

Speaker: Ross Gage, RG Social Enterprises Club

Ross Gage

Ross’ professional passion is developing ‘new’ concepts and helping build organisations – often based around bringing current assets together to maximise their potential.

He loves working with those seeking to make a difference in the community – particularly around children’s activities. He believes access to healthy, quality activities should be a right of all Australian children.

Topic: Early childhood Activity Enhances School Readiness.

For more information on Ross, check out Ross’s website.




Industry experts discuss with the Speaker their thoughts on the presentation. 

Donna Hann

Donna Hann, Dance Kix

Becky Hughes

Becky Hughes, Baby Sensory Australia

Sally Johnson, We Rock The Spectrum Kids Gyms

Sally Johnson, We Rock the Spectrum

Wednesday 7.30pm – 8.30pm AEST

Speaker: Cerys Keneally, Wales

Cerys Keneally

Cerys Keneally helps children’s activity providers to approach UK schools and nurseries, without cold calling them, so they can grow their business with confidence and have a bigger impact on children’s lives. Over the last 20 years, Cerys has had a varied experience of primary school teaching, running a children’s dance company, business coaching and leading an entire team of coaches at a national business school in the activity and leisure sector. During the past few years she has combined all of this experience with her tried and tested methods for approaching schools with confidence, to develop a strategy that children’s activity providers can feel good about to contact schools & nurseries all year round. A finalist at this year’s Club Hub UK awards, Cerys is known for her straight talking but supportive style, having taken hundreds of children’s activity providers through her 5 day challenges over the past 2 years. She is looking forward to training you all o her “S.T.O.P. method” for approaching schools & nurseries with confidence via this live masterclass at the Symposium.

Topic: Approaching schools and childcare centres with confidence

Working with schools and nurseries is a great business strategy for children’s activity and service providers who want to grow their business with confidence in 2021. But what’s the best way to approach schools? How do I ensure my email isn’t just deleted? How can I maximise my chances of getting a response? All these questions and more will be answered during this live masterclass where Cerys will be sharing her “S.T.O.P. Method” for approaching schools and nurseries with confidence.

For more information on Cerys, check out

Speaker: Dean Pendergrast, Enrolmy, New Zealand

Dean Pendergrast from Enrolmy

Dean leads a talented team who serves children’s activity providers through incredible software. A previous owner of the hugely successful MusiqHub, he took that business from 5 to 5000 students in 5 years. The business and operational experience gained through the rapid growth of MusiqHub drives his enthusiasm for Enrolmy. He’s seen first hand the success that comes with adopting simple, clear and smart digital processes. Dean is a father of three very active boys, plays guitar, and is a gym-goer and runner. He enjoys music, sports and reading biographies of influential historical figures.

Topic: 3 tasks you can do right now to grow your business across Australia and internationally … even if you’ve already started.

As CEO of Enrolmy Dean has worked with a number of Australian and international providers as they have completed the 3 tasks on the journey to national and international expansion. From childcares with hundreds of locations to sports groups with hundreds of franchisees, and education businesses expanding into countries throughout Asia, all have worked through these three tasks as part of their success. In this session Dean will take you through the 3 tasks, expand on what they could mean for you and give you a roadmap to successful expansion across Australia and beyond.

Thursday 12:30pm – 1:30pm AEST

Speaker: Jules Brooke, PR Expert

Jules Brooke

Jules is a highly experienced PR Expert; having also operated her own successful Agency. Since 2008 she has been teaching small businesses how to ‘Do Your Own PR’. Since 2019, Jules has been hosting her own show on Ticker TV – ‘She’s The Boss’ – focusing on women in business. 

Topic: How to Handle Your Own PR

For more information on Jules, check out her website.




Industry experts discuss with the Speaker their thoughts on the presentation. 

Melanie Tate

Melanie Tate, Puddle Jumpers

Amy Sales from Glass Slipper Entertainment

Amy Sales, Glass Slipper Entertainment

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