The Australian Children’s Activities Association (ACAA) is available for Children’s Activities Providers in Australia to provide education, advocacy and community.

The ACAA aims to encourage all Australian children to be engaged in quality, safe, healthy and creative activities through maximising the potential of Children’s Activity Providers – its valued Members.

Membership Benefits

  • Enhanced credibility through the exclusive use of the ACAA membership logo.
  • Access to a virtual monthly MASTERCLASS by business industry experts plus Q&A time.
  • Access to a monthly member Q&A interview to discuss relevant topics to the industry.
  • Exclusive discounts from industry suppliers and software providers, insurance companies, conferences and other events.
  • Access to a Members-only Facebook group.

  • Latest news and info from a monthly industry focused newsletter and a range of content in the resources library including event and masterclasses recordings.
  • Assistance with compliance matters, applications for rebates, access to expert advice and tips on accessing grants for your business.
  • Knowledge that you are supporting an association for your industry that will strive to ensure the government and community value your worth and commitment to the Australian community.


  • A range of cutting-edge personal, professional and business development events, including conferences, seminars, masterclasses, workshops and webinars.
  • Library of resources; including recordings of conference sessions and webinars, blogs, podcasts, eBooks and articles.
  • Core topics include: Staffing; Marketing and Sales; Customer Experience and Compliance.
ACAA Advocacy Symbol (loudspeaker)


  • On-going lobbying various levels of government and the media on the benefits of children’s activities, access to same, and the vital role that children’s activities providers play in delivering safe, quality programs.
  • Engaging with applicable authorities; eg, Children’s Commission, Fair Work Australia and the Australian Small Business Council.
  • Collaborating with kindred organisations, including the International Association for Children’s Activities Program, the Institute for Children’s Activities Providers (UK), and the Children’s Activities Association (UK).
Membership symbol


  • Free supporter status of the Australian Children’s Activities Foundation (pending launch).
  • Enhanced credibility with use of the ACAA Member and ACAF Supporter logos.
  • Exclusive discounts to any ACAA events, including awards nominations.
  • Regular industry news and updates.
  • Guidance on various compliance and societal matters; including Child Protection, Diversity and Inclusion, Environmental Sustainability, Workplace Relations, Insurance and access to Grants.
  • Facilitating access to experts.
  • Leveraging suppliers for better deals.
Community icon


  • Monthly eBulletin.
  • Members only Facebook page.
  • Monthly webinars to include a forum section.
  • Networking and social opportunities are built into all events.
  • Recognition and sharing through, highlighted by the National Awards Gala and the version for each State.
This tax-deductible Membership investment is designed to be a supportive partner in your business.

The ACAA welcomes you to join in on this quest to work towards best practice, raise standards and improve access to children’s activities.

By coming together, we can better share experiences, challenges, thoughts, questions and solutions. This will help the development as individuals and a collective community.

Membership Fee

Single Business Provider:
Annual Fee of $495 (saves $99) or,

12 x monthly payments of $49.50.

Annual Renewal.

Those with multi-providers, including Franchisors, can contact the ACAA for discounted fees for their individual providers. Simply connect us via

Please note: Members are required to have an appropriate level of public liability in place and your business in general, including owners, managers, and staff meet the relevant state government agencies legislation – including relevant ‘working with children checks’.