At Our Core…


that regular engagement in activities provides physical, social and emotional benefits to children and is an important foundation of child development.


innovation and aim to develop and deliver education and services to standards of the highest quality.


that children’s activities providers, as the frontline operators, are fundamental in developing the foundations on which high-quality children’s activity programs are delivered.


that the fastest and foremost path to a better, bigger, brighter Children’s Activities industry for Australia requires advocacy and education to the government, media and society in general.

As Founder and CEO of What’s On 4 Kids (Australia), Elise Easdown became increasingly aware of the ever-growing need for an ‘association’ to bring together – and service – children’s activity providers in Australia. She constantly saw providers – many of whom advertised on What’s On 4 Kids – seeking guidance on aspects of their business, help with compliance matters and a sense of community.

Stepping in that direction, Elise provided a highly successful national conference, recognition through awards program and forums to discuss issues. COVID-19 solidified the crying need for an association.

Elise partnered with Ross Gage, Founder and ‘Chief Builder’ at RG Social Enterprises Club, to bring the Australian Children’s Activities Association to fruition. Ross has a long and successful history of conceptualising, establishing, developing, and operating similar associations. Whilst Ross’ history is primarily around swimming, he recently was a key driver in the formation of Gymnastics Clubs Australia.

Elise Easdown

Elise is an Occupational Therapist with over 15 years of experience in public and private healthcare in clinical and leadership positions within Australia, the Middle East & most recently South East Asia. Elise’s love of children’s activities and services led her development of www.whatson4kids.com.au a marketing online platform for businesses in the children’s activities sector and founder of the What’s On 4 Kid’s awards and conference.

Elise has an in-depth understanding of the children’s activities industry through ten years of marketing experience and two years as a board member on the NFT charity Share the Dignity. Elise has three children herself who love a variety of activities ranging from sport through to the arts and leads an active life with herself with her husband.

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Ross Gage

Ross Gage

Ross has extensive experience with establishing and operating national and international Associations – specifically in the domain of children’s activities. As also evidenced in his 30 years previous experience as a business provider of children’s activities, Ross is an advocate for safe, healthy and engaging activities for children of all ages.

His knowledge and expertise in understanding the needs of best practice in business and the importance of children’s activities are evident in his representation on National Boards, advisor to community organisations, local and federal government, with business representation both large and small from across the world.

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